The prince who lost his right to the Romanian throne is already a “legitimate” father


Nicholas Medforth-Mills, the previous prince of Romania, and his wife, journalist Alina Maria Binder, have just received their Christmas present in advance: the birth of their first child together – a woman they named Alexandra de Roumanie. a couple of months ago Nicholas announced that he would become a dad alongside his wife, whom he married on September 30, 2018.

“It may be a great pleasure on behalf of me to share the enjoyment that my wife, Alina-Maria, is pregnant with our first child. The birth is predicted in November. Our son is going to be mentioned with respect for our ancestors and their international values within the spirit of responsibility and love for our country and within the faith that my grandfather, King Miguel, and that I was baptized, ”he said at the time. The role that the girl will play in Romanian royalty thanks to Nicholas’s situation remains unknown. the previous prince, born in 1985, is that the only son of Princess Elena of Romania and Robin Medforth-Mills, additionally to being the grandson of the previous King of Romania, Michael I, who was forced to abdicate the throne in 1947. Nicholas was within the order of succession to access the throne of his country, but he lost it in 2015 for having had an illegitimate daughter with a lady named Nicoleta Cirjan. Read the latest Celebrity, business articles On

His grandfather confirmed that he had lost his privileges during a statement. “Nicolás will find within the coming years an appropriate thanks to serving the ideals and use the qualities that God gave him.” Although the primary daughter of the previous prince of Romania was born out of wedlock, Nicholas announced at the time through Facebook that he would look out for the girl. “As a result of my insistence on the proof of building the parentage of my presumed daughter, Mrs. Nicoleta Cîrjan accepted the belief. The result was positive. Since I didn’t have a relationship with the mother, I even have assumed liability for the kid. For reasons of protecting the simplest interests of the girl, I consider that any aspect of her life is strictly private, ‘” confirmed the previous prince of Romania.

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