A new cancer therapy called Onco Surgery

A new cancer therapy called Onco Surgery is being used to treat patients with cancer. This procedure combines the use of chemotherapy and surgery to help remove the cancerous cells from the body but leave healthy tissue untouched. What this type of treatment does is remove all cancerous cells from the body but leaves healthy tissue untouched.

Onco Surgery

This type of cancer treatment is one that have been around for several decades now, and there are many doctors who use it to help patients in need. This type of treatment is a good way to treat cancer because it can be done at the stage that it was diagnosed, which means that the cancerous cells will not have spread all throughout the body yet.

When this type of cancer treatment is performed, the doctor will begin by making sure that the cancer cells have been completely removed from the body. After this is done, the doctor will start working to treat the affected areas of the body with drugs in order to make them more healthy. The drugs that are used in this type of treatment are used to kill the cancerous cells, while leaving the healthy tissues alone so that it will be easier to perform the surgery.

Once the cancerous cells are killed, then the cancerous cells will no longer be in the body. At this point, the doctor will use an instrument that looks very much like a mini-engraving machine to remove the cancerous cells from the body. The cancerous cells will then be removed from the body in such a way that they will not spread all over the body, leaving all the healthy tissue untouched.

Many doctors that use Onco Surgery will use a different type of drug to target the cancerous cells once they have been removed from the body. This is so that the same drugs can be used again, if need be, in the future to kill the cancerous cells that are still inside the body.

This type of cancer treatment has helped many people in the past, as it has helped to kill cancerous cells that have already spread through the body. The new type of Onco Surgery has also shown great promise in helping to kill the remaining cancerous cells in the body, as well as helping to prevent them from growing any further.

In the United States, the Onco Surgery is commonly used to treat colon cancer. Some other cancers that the cancer surgery can be used to help treat include uterine cancer, leukemia, breast cancer, and liver cancer, among others.

The Onco Surgery has been around for quite some time now, and there are a lot of doctors who use it to help patients with cancer. If you or someone you know may be dealing with cancer, it would be a good idea to visit your doctor and see if you might benefit from Onco Surgery.

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